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Master Song is the only reason for us to enroll our son in GMTA. Prior to enrollment, we visited few other Taekwondo schools and when we finally checked GMTA, we decided to enroll our son based on the first impression.

Master Song has the ability to get kids attention but at the same time let them enjoy learning. He sees each child as his own. Master Song's dedication and expertise amaze us each time we see him teaching the class.

The school does more than just teaching forms, sparring etc. They reinforce good behavior. All the instructors are so dedicated and sincere as well. They pay one on one attention to each child. To say it precisely, GMTA is the perfect mix of discipline and fun. If you want to seriously know or learn Taekwondo, then GMTA is the right place for you.

We are so Grateful to Master Song and the Instructors for the wonderful teachings and experiences which is going to help him for his lifetime. Thank You :)"


Matthews/Waxhaw NC

"We love everything about GMTA! GMTA promotes strong body, mind, and character. I love the philosophies the children are taught. There is strong emphasis on courtesy, respect, and focus. I have seen a growth in my daughter and her peers since we began in May."

Lisa Hawver

Matthews/Waxhaw, NC

"The staff and curriculum are fantastic. My 6-yr old loves it and has learned so much!"

David Cole

Matthews/Waxhaw, NC